Our Beginning

Serve to Rock founder, April Gardner, believes the world is brighter when approached with a servant's heart.

She has been shaped throughout her life by experiences serving others - in her Atlanta community and far beyond - and feels a person's time should be highly valued.

She began sketching an event poster in early 2014 that combined her passion for serving others and the incredible power of music. It materialized into the concept...


Since then, April has continued to dream of what Serve to Rock could become, and is excited to put all her energy into seeing it come to life. 

April believes it's possible to inspire future generations to become habitual volunteers. She believes in the power of music, and the undeniable strength of a community surrounding that music. She believes that organizations can thrive with help from the right volunteers, and those volunteers will leave with enriched perspective. 

Welcome to Serve to Rock. We are glad you are here and hope to see you for one of our projects soon!